What is DMR?

Digital Media Relations

Just like your old TV sets, the world has gone digital. Do you remember doing business without email? A Blackberry? Cell phones? Fax machines? It is no longer enough for a marketer to push out information, whether it’s with a traditional press release, a brochure style website, a direct mail campaign or a television commercial. To be successful today, marketers must draw people in by creating an interactive, continuing dialogue around their brand.

Why Digital?

Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 20% per year and is at the top of every marketer's agenda. The advent of internet search engines, social media sites, online communities, blogs, podcasts, RSS Feeds and the new developments introduced daily has forever altered the ways in which we communicate, exchange ideas and make decisions. Marketing and Public Relations has shifted to a relationship and internet based model.

How Do I Go Digital?

The tools to turn your company digital are already at your fingertips. Do you have a company website? A publicist or existing press releases? Knowledge and experience in your field? Product to offer? Networking opportunities? Do you want a blog or are you curious about joining Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn but don't know how or why you should? K4 Digital Media Relations uses an ongoing process of optimization for the web to turn these existing resources into successes in the digital age.


So In...

*Interactive Websites
*Social Networking
*Multi-Platform Advertising
*Optimized Press Releases
*Video Syndication
*Organic Search Engine Optimization
*Partner Linking
*Trades + Relationships


So Out...

*Brochure Style Websites
*Direct Mail Campaigns
*Single Platform Advertising
*Non-Optimized Press Releases
*Cold Calling
*Online Ad Campaigns





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